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Microsoft Patent Exposes Plan for Android and Apple iOS Apps on Windows Phones

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It could soon become possible to find Android and Apple iOS apps surfacing on Windows Phone devices following Microsoft’s filing of a patent which will allow its own mobile platform users to benefit from downloading, installing and effectively running software specifically designed for the two leading rival platforms.

Windows Phone was launched as a mobile version of the widely used Microsoft desktop PC operating system in 2010, so is still fairly young in a fast-growing and ever-changing mobile eco-system which saw Apple leading the pack back in 2007 with its iOS platform. Version 7.5 of the Microsoft mobile OS also known as “Mango” was launched late last year and revived the platform and introduced potential for exciting and new apps. However, despite some impressive host gadgets such as the Nokia Lumia 900 the platform still lacks the essential apps which the mobile smartphone using public demands.

Microsoft’s somewhat complicated new concept which has just been unearthed after the patent was filed back in November 2010 suggests how apps could be used to migrate software from previously owned Android or iOS devices onto their new Windows Phone provided both respected competitors approved the idea – which we’d think is unlikely and probably the reason why this plan has lay dormant for almost two years.

Sadly for Microsoft this was a dirty secret which couldn’t stay buried and reveals the software giant’s desperate plan to cash-in on Google and Apple’s success. The Windows Phone Market Place currently offers just over 90,000 apps and software tools for gadgets such as the Nokia Lumia family of smartphones. Meanwhile over on Google Play (formerly the Android Market) there are over 450,000 apps available and Apple’s App Store hosts over 585,000 apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and its tablet computer, the iPad.

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