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Gear of War 3 released worldwide – Epic promise DLC campaign coming soon!

Gears of War 3 has been unleashed! Yesterday saw the release of the anticipated Xbox exclusive from Epic Games touchdown on the Microsoft home console and gamers were treated to rewards in celebration of the game’s highly-anticipated release and their months of patience.


One of the most patient and dedicated of the game’s legion of fans was Londoner John Aston who was first in line for the London launch having queued since 2.30PM Sunday for the 00:00AM Tuesday morning sales to begin. John was greeted by voiceover man Carlos Ferro who plays one of the Delta Squad heroes, Dominic Santiago – who handed over an exclusively Gears goodie bag.

20,000 locations worldwide opened for the grand launch and UK retailer GAME reports some gamers stood in line in excess of 30 hours just to get hold of a copy of the game. Stateside, Microsoft Studios producer Chris Wynn shares the fans sentiments in this most excting of times for Xbox players, saying “There’s a guy who’s been in line for nearly a week in New York City. We, too, couldn’t be more excited about this launch. The story is epic, and the game is stunning. The visuals are better than any game you’re going to find on Xbox or any other console.”

Gears of War 3 brings a climax to the current story arch, which started with the invasion of the human-inhabited planet Sera, by alien Locust forces. Marcus Fenix, the main protagonist leads his Delta Squad to defend the planet but as gamers will know from the previous two third-person shooters that this did not go well and the squad is now found in disarray with a future uncertain. Returning to finish the fight in Gears 3, maker Epic Games promises a climatic finish to the hugely popular franchise. Epic boss Cliff Bleszinski does, however, promise a DLC expansion campaign will be on its way very soon.

Xbox 360 owners can find out THE END for themselves now – the game was released on September 20th.


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