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Get 30% off Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow on Nintendo 3DS!

The world has gone pocket monster mental since the arrival of Pokémon GO last week and Nintendo is offering the chance to catch-up with the earlier games in the series for a 30% discount on Red, Blue and Yellow games for the handheld 3DS console.

As a reward for Pokémon trainers who have downloaded the game (legally, honest) and have helped skyrocket Nintendo’s market value by $7.5-billion in two days, and to celebrate the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon, the gaming company is doing an e-shop sale on digital downloads of Pokémon titles from the franchise’s 20 year legacy.

Starting tomorrow July 14th and until July 28th, the Nintendo online shop will be reducing the price of Pokémon Red Version, Blue Version and Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition (with Pikachu as starter Pokémon) to just £6.29 each on Virtual Console for the 3DS (usually £8.99). And the best bit is these classic titles are exactly as you remember them from playing them on the Game Boy back in 1998!

A nice little bonus is that any critters caught in these vintage Pokémon games can be transferred over to your Sun or Moon game when it’s released on the 23rd of November!

It’s a great opportunity for veteran trainers to relive the excitement of the chase and the thrill of battle in the original games – or for those new to the Pokémon scene its chance to see where the craze began. Long before smartphones and when augmented reality was pure science fiction!

Pokémon is enjoying a resurgence recently thanks to Pokémon GO with the whole world getting outside and active while on the hunt for the elusive little creatures. The app based game for Android and iOS smartphones has become a global phenomenon in just one week and an official UK release is still awaited with many desperate to play installing an unauthorised APK just to get a head start! We hope to update our Pokémon GO coverage with an UK date soon and also a release for Windows 10 Phones.

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