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Goldberg Revealed as WWE 2K17 Pre-Order Bonus Character

After a series of dark and mysterious vignettes broadcast on weekly wrestling show WWE RAW as well as Twitter teased the arrival of something exciting to the WWE Universe, the promos have now been revealed to allude to the addition of iconic WCW superstar Goldberg to the upcoming WWE 2K17 game.

The latest clip in the series shows police cars rushing to the secretive vault that was seen in previous videos and were accompanied by the cryptic hashtag of “#Hatch”. On arrival they set up explosives and the hatch is finally blown open to reveal a hulking silhouette and from the smoke emerges Goldberg – an older but no less angry looking Goldberg whose Spear and Jackhammer manoeuvres led him to a WCW winning streak of 173 victories between 1997 and 1998.

Flanked by police, just like in his classic walk down to the ring, Goldberg is escorted away from his holding vault and is announced as the first pre-order bonus character for this year’s annual wrestle game – WWE 2K17 which is due for release for Xbox One and PS4 through 2K Games on October 25th.

The conclusion to the moody ad campaign was received as somewhat anti-climactic as unfortunately for fans it did not herald the long-rumoured debut of ‘Sister Abigail’ – the much-spoke of but never-seen driving force behind the cultish Wyatt Family, nor was it for the return of the legendary Undertaker to active duties in the ring as many had suspected.

Some have noticed however, that in the clip announcing Goldberg in WWE 2K17, there is a sign reflected in a car window which reads Suplex City – as wrestling fans will know this fictional location is where Brock Lesnar sends many of his opponents with his merciless signature move. It’s thought that this ‘Easter egg’ suggests a Wrestlemania 20 rematch between the two big men at this year’s Summerslam.

If the announcement came across a little disappointing, on the plus side of this week’s RAW show AJ Styles and The Club attacked John Cena – which was much better received by the Internet Wrestling Community than news of a character in a game.