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Social stalkers rejoice – Google+ celebs get verification badges!

Google are kindly making online social stalking a lot easier by adding a verification “badge” on the Google+ profiles of our beloved celebs.


Following the “Is it? Isn’t it?” over the profile seemingly belonging to Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg account, Social-savvy celebs such as William Shatner will now be offered the chance to verify their Google+ account, in a scheme resembling the identification service currently provided by Twitter.  This means that us humble followers can identify the true Captain Kirk from the bull-Shat easily by a little ‘tick’ icon that appears next to our favourite celeb’s name.

Wen-Ai Yu of the Google+ project informed her circles of this news via posted video, herself a verified member. She tells us that for now Google’s focus is on verifying “celebrities” and “public figures” – so we lowly folk need not apply just yet. But at least we’ll no longer be conned into Google-ing the wrong Gaga, or believing a bogus Bieber!

Check out Miss Yu’s video on the Google+ verification badge. It’s rolling out now if you’re popular enough!

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