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Google Chrome Remote Desktop App Released For iOS

It’s been a long time getting to iPhone and iPad but at last Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop supports Apple iOS with software now available on the App Store.

The handy Chrome browser add-on was made available in 2011 for desktops and laptops to enable secure short-term remote access from one computer to another through a user’s Google account, thus allowing files to be organised, opened, viewed and modified without the need to be sat at the source machine. Chrome Remote Desktop also opens up the potential for computer problems to be diagnosed and fixed quickly without the physical presence of an IT professional and defeats expensive call outs, as unlike other pricey alternatives it’s completely free to install and use.

The Chrome Remote Desktop app arrived for Google certified Android devices in April of last year, delivering the same remote experience as the desktop version, only for a more portable platform. From today it’s out for iPhone and iPad and users who have the app installed on their iOS device can communicate with any PC or Mac where the Remote Desktop extension is attached to a Chrome web browser. Through the app you can view a list of all computers on your self-made Google network and bring up the desktop to work from via to device’s touchscreen.

Complete details and installation instructions for Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop can be found on their website along with individual app descriptions on Google Play and the App Store respectively.