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Google+ to Introduce ‘Find My Face’ Application Soon

The new Google + social networking site hasn’t been around too long, but has already made an impact on competing with the likes of Facebook.  Considering Google + only launched early this year, it already has an impressive 40 million users.

And to keep increasing the popularity of the social networking site, along with keeping on the heels of Facebook and the like; Google will soon be launching a new feature for the Google + platform.  Soon Google + will be able to automatically tag pictures that it recognises to be you, whether it be from your own album, or perhaps one that your friend has uploaded.

No doubt this will prove to be a popular feature. However, there will probably be a few people who perhaps prefer for Google + not to automatically tag pictures of yourself in other people’s pictures – and that won’t be a  problem, as you’ll have to option to screen them, if you choose to do so.

Google+ photos team engineer Matt Steiner said “it is not necessary that one has to accept all the tags, and option for the same would be given as soon as the facility rolls out. In this, one would have an option to accept only those tags which he wants to.”

If you’re a Google+ user, we’re interesting in knowing your thoughts about the new feature, so don’t forget to leave your below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.