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Google to invest £100m into YouTube TV original programming

Google will invest $100m into bringing “original” programming to its YouTube service, which will receive a massive boost of 20 new channels of weekly shows to its credit, when media production company NextNew hooks up with the world’s most popular video site – reports The Wall Street Journal.

Up to 10 hours of “professionally-produced” exclusive shows are said to be added to a “premium channels” service through YouTube with more channels to be compiled using content already available on the site.

We have to wonder how clip site YouTube will contend as a legit online television service. Are people actually going to buy into it when on-demand TV is so easily available?

Advertising is already in motion and with talks with talent agencies also reportedly going well, a Hollywood approach by YouTube is presumably the next step in the production of original programming – also attempting to keep up quality and public interest.

Just look at the number of celebs already using YouTube to get their opinions and rants out to the world. We’re sure that if and when this takes off it’ll draw the attention of some high profile personalities – or desperate has-beens looking for a springboard back to “real” TV – Stay tuned.

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