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Google Nexus 5 in Bright Red on sale now through Play Store

After some speculation that the popular Nexus 5 smartphone from Google would be released in a range of new colours the LG made handset has officially appeared on the Play Store in a new shade of Bright Red.

Boasting the same impressive features as preceding tones, Black and White, the Nexus 5 in Bright Red features the sweet new Android OS, version 4.4 KitKit, running on 2.26GHz Qualcomm CPU displayed on a 5-inch touchscreen with full HD 1080p resolution offering ‘lifelike colours’.

The Nexus 5 is also set up for 4G/LTE so if your network provider offers this service you’ll also get to enjoy the benefits of slick internet speeds with the super stylish red handset.

You’d think perhaps there might be some price hike for owning such a red hot handset but this variant Nexus 5 will cost you just the same as the original selection priced at £299 and £339 for the 16GB and 32GB models respectively.

The Google Nexus 5 in Bright Red and original colours Black and White is available to order now from the Play Store with UK dispatch within 1-2 days. If rumour is anything to go by the next time we see the Nexus 5 it could be arriving in Yellow as the next addition to the colourful collection.