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New Google Nexus 7 will be available August 28th in the UK

Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet will finally reach the UK on August 28th, with confirmation from manufacturer Asus sealing the deal.

Asus recently told Pocket-Lint the planned UK launch date, which comes around a month after the new Full HD ‘Droid tab became available in the US. We’ve heard numerous suggested release dates so far, with some even suggesting the tablet won’t be available until September, so we’re pleased to get a solid date.

The company even went as far as to say that some retailers will be staying open late to sell the device from midnight – the moment it officially becomes the 28th. Perhaps retailers are expecting a boom in demand for the impressive new device, as this sort of thing tends to be reserved for the iPad and big name video games.

Google itself will sell the device through the Play Store, so you should be able to pre-order one for launch day delivery through there pretty soon. The usual high street retailers will also have stock – PC World and Currys have already confirmed prices, so we know they’ll be selling them.

According to their prices, the 16GB model will cost £199.99 and the 32GB £239.99. There will also be a 4G compatible cellular 32GB model, but we’re yet to learn a price for it. These prices are of course higher than the original Nexus 7, which we suspect is due to the higher quality Full HD display and other new components.