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Google Nexus 9 is Faster than a 2012 Mac Book Pro

Two days, three tablets and a continuing war of technology, but as bot Apple and Google have announced their new Tablet products in the Apple iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3 and the Google Nexus 9 its clear to see that Tablets will continue to be a big selling point for the technology industry.

However to really show off just how far the Tablet industry has come along, we can look at the Google Nexus 9 and its processing power. Inside the new 9inch Tablet there is an impressive 64-bit CPU which makes the tablet super-fast.

The GeekBench 3 test is conducted by primate labs, and measure just how fast processors and technology works, and it’s so turns out that the Recently unveiled Google flagship tablet, the Nexus 9, has outperformed the Apple iPhone 6 in the latest test.

How fast, well to put it into perspective the new Nexus 9’s processor getting a 1,903 Geekbench score, and as the folks over at Gizmodo have pointed out, the 2012 version of Apples professional computer, the Mac Pro clocked in a similar speed of 1,925.

That’s a professional level, editing computer made for people who edited videos, Photos and other media, many of which are still in professional use, and the Nexus 9 matches the speeds of it.

In comparison to their devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 clocks up 1112.67 points, the Nexus 10 that it’s replacing scores 879 and last year’s iPad Air only has a score of just 1,085.

What this means is that the Tablets in our hands are getting so fast, PC’s and Laptops really should be quaking in their boots.