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Google Play Store Celebrates Two Year Birthday with a Sale!

Celebrations for the Google Play Store’s second birthday have already begun in Australia and as the big day kicks off over there the UK and Europe now looks set to also be in store for some sweet deals on Android apps, movies and music in the coming days.

Remarkably it’s been two years since the Android Market merged with Google Music and from March 6th 2012 both became no more. In their wake the Google Play Store emerged, surpassing the success of its predecessors and offering a full range of over 1-million entertaining and handy apps as well as time-killing games such as Angry Birds and a selection of top music and movies to rent and buy for use on Android tablets and smartphones.

Over in Oz right now the party is in full swing and top game titles such as FIFA 14 are listed on Google Play as free to download, and a number of movies and full music albums are now on offer with prices starting at 99c. The trend looks likely to hit the UK as well, as we’ve just observed on our version of the Play Store that the recently released Miley Cyrus album Bangerz has appeared as a 24-hour only Birthday deal for just 99p.

Now, who would turn down a bit of Miley on the cheap?

Keep an eye on for new deals.