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Google Play Store Down for Virgin Media Customers

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The Gadget Helpline has been receiving reports of problems downloading apps and content from the Google Play Store for Virgin customers in the UK only. This follows a weekend of YouTube difficulties which still appear to be causing videos not to complete buffering.

So far we have established that Virgin broadband subscribers / Play Store users can at least log onto the service through using their Gmail accounts on smartphone and tablets and the apps appear to begin downloading. However these downloads do not complete and the download symbol (downwards arrow on top bar) will continue to flash as if making progress but without actually increasing in percentage or delivering any of the data onto the device.

There is no official statement from Google or Virgin that we can find at the moment but reports are building up and the Gadget Helpline will try to keep our readers informed as we discover more. We advise patience (and not throwing your device at the nearest wall) as this is not a problem with your device or your router, only a problem with the combined services of Virgin Media and Google Play.

Google Play store appears to be working for users of other internet service providers.