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Apple iPad still undisputed tablet market leader for Q3

Although the iPhone may not be leading the way in the mobile phone market, the same can’t be said for the tablet market, as the iPad it yet again leading the pack by a country mile when it comes to market share.

During the past three months, in total, 16.7 million tablet device was sold, and an impressive 66.6% of those tablets were iPads.

Tablet devices running the Android OS shipped a total of 4.5 million in the third quarter, which gives the OS a market share of 26.9%.

For Google, they may see these figures as disappointing as although Android is arguably the only other major player in the market, the figure above is actually a slight reduction compared to Q2 share of 30.1%.

Perhaps now with the introduction of the Ice Cream Sandwich update, this may be what Google needs in order to put more pressure on Apple and the dominant iPad.

As for the other players in the market, Microsoft’s Windows currently hold a 2.4% share, while RIM’s QNX is just 1.2%. Unfortunately for both Microsoft and RIM, this is also a reduction in market share compared to Q2 results.

Remember though that Microsoft will soon be unleashing Windows 8, so perhaps they may be in a position to start stepping on the heels of Android? I guess time will tell.

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