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TomTom Sat Nav app now available on iPad and iPad 2

TomTom has announced that its brilliant app for the iPhone will be making the leap across to Apple’s iPad and iPad 2 devices as a part of the next software update.

Owners of the 3G iPad and iPad 2 tablets will be able to use the satellite navigation software, giving them turn-by-turn navigation on screen and audibly through the tablet’s inbuilt speaker.

TomTom for iPhone has just been updated to version 1.9, which adds in the support for iPad. If you’re fortunate enough to own both an iPhone with the TomTom app already on it and an iPad or iPad 2, then you can install the app onto your iPad for free.

Those who are looking to get the TomTom app on their iPad but don’t already have it can purchase it from the Apple App Store for £49.99. The app includes the latest update of UK and Republic of Ireland mapping, updated speed camera locations and points of interests, and is fully compatible with the new iOS 5 software for iPad and iPhone.

If you can figure out a way of mounting an iPad in your car then TomTom would be a fantastic driving aide. That big screen and smooth interface will look great, though it may be a little too cumbersome to attach to a window-sucker mount like your regular Sat-Nav. Perhaps you could give the iPad to your passenger and make them your co-pilot.

TomTom also offer a selection of in-app purchases for those who download the new app. You’ll be able to subscribe to TomTom HD Traffic for live traffic updates on the go, as well as purchase additional voices such as Homer Simpson and Darth Vader.

How would you use TomTom for iPad in your car? Let us know your thoughts via our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.

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  1. I have to Tom Tom sat nav 1500 . Can I download lifetimeworldmaps from my IPad . Thanks.

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