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Google Wallet – Google’s NFC payment service is now official

Well it was hardly a secret that Google were going to introduce a mobile payment system, but Google has now made its official announcement about the new service, and here is the low-down.

Currently Google has teamed up with US mobile operator Sprint and also with credit card companies such as Mastercard, Citi and First Data.

On launch Google Wallet payment service will be compatible with the Samsung Nexus S on the Sprint network. The Google Wallet app which will work in conjunction with the NFC technology on the smartphone will allow users to make payments and securely store their credit card details using a “compatible” Citi Mastercard, and also a pre-paid Google payment card.

As well as being able to make payments, Google Wallet will also allow users to store offers, loyalty cards, and gift cards on compatible payment terminals.

If you’re interested in how exactly Google Wallet will work, check out the Google Mobile blog where they give an overview of the new service.

Let us know your thoughts on this latest service from Google; will this be the norm in a couple of years? Send us your comments below, or tweet us instead if you prefer @Gadget_Helpline.