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GTA 5 Available for Preload April 7th

Grand Theft Auto 5’s PC release is in 10 days (14/04/15), those of us with a preorder though will be able to start downloading the incredible PC version of GTA 5 as of April 7. Ready to play as soon as it goes live on the 14th.

The announcement popped up on Rockstar’s support section, not via the usual channels, just a simple announcement nothing flashes no mention on the blog, not the normal for Rockstar but this is a good sign it may actually come out and not be delayed again. Admit it we all expected it to be delayed forever.

The preload is confirmed for those who have ordered GTA 5 through either Rockstar Warehouse or Steam, though it’s fair to assume other digital distributors will put similar plans into action for early adopters.

They haven’t confirmed the required file size yet, but the minimum requirement is said to be 65GB of space and on Xbox One/PS4 land GTA 5 the first day download was a massive 44GB. Expect this to be a lot higher considering the improved textures and added functionality.

Expect to see a lot of GTA 5 News in the coming week and a half, it’s all about the hype.