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GTA V Companion App ‘iFruit’ Launched for iOS – Customize Cars & Collect in Game!

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Thousands queued for the midnight store openings to grab their copy of one of this year’s most-anticipated games and GTA V is finally here for PS3 and Xbox 360!!

While players prepare to get behind the wheel one more time, the game’s creator Rockstar has released a companion app for iPhone which allows us to become more even immersed in the world of Grand Theft Auto.

The app, called iFruit, is available now through the Apple App Store and is based on the mobile tech used in the new GTA V game which is very evidently a spoof of Apple’s own platform iOS.

What you do on the app can have an affect on some of what can be achieved in the game, as within the iFruit are other apps such as Los Santos Customs which lets players customise their vehicles on iPhone and iPad with personalised license plates and paint jobs, with other mechanical upgrades also on offer.

These modifications can be used in the story mode as well new GTA Online play – Place your order on the iFruit app and you’ll be able to pick up your sweet new ride the next time you visit the garage when playing GTA V.

Not only can you pimp your ride on the app and find the results reflected in the game but you can also train and feed your pet dog ‘Chop’ in another part of the app. The mutt’s temperament will improve in-game the more you play with and pamper him in the app and your faithful sidekick will help in other important areas of the game (such as stealing the bikinis of sunbathing beach babes!)

The GTA V companion app also lets you take a nostalgic look back at previous titles in the popular crime ‘n’ drive franchise and also have a browse at more of the developer’s titles in the Rockstar Store.

GTA obsessives can take their GTA V obsessions with them everywhere from today as iFruit is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.