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The Guardian news app hits Android Market

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Read all about it! – Following the successful transition of popular ‘serious’ newspaper The Guardian into an app for iOS-based gadgets, the British institution will touch down on the Android Market from today.

190 years after the first printed edition of “The Manchester Guardian” as it was originally known, the newspaper now shifts an average 256,283 copies daily (recorded June 2011) and times have clearly changed. Now readers can not only read the daily, but watch and listen to videos and podcasts – bringing a greater depth to the important issues of the day through the handy mobile app. Photos can be viewed full screen, in both portrait and landscape position and browsed with the familiar left-to-right swipe method.


Continuing the convenience, you can choose a time of day for the app to download the daily content, just like a pocket paper boy. This can be set in the customisable options, along with favourites to set the type of news that interests you most, or a favourite columnist. If you like sport for example you can set this as a preference, and will store your desired type of content for easy viewing – online or offline.

Keeping up with social trends, The Guardian app allows you to share any interesting news with pals on Facebook and Twitter using an integrated ‘Share Menu’.

The Guardian app is available for Android 1.6 and above from the Android Market and is currently free to download and use.

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