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Hovervault – A Bag that Protects Your Stuff if Your Hoverboard Blows Up

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If you can’t stop your Hoverboard from setting on fire the least you can do is stop it from setting fire to your other stuff, right? That’s the concept behind an ingenious new gadget called the Hovervault.

We say ingenious mainly because it’s incredibly clever marketing, capitalising on society’s stubbornness and stupidity. Despite the warnings about Hoverboards being prone to overheating – or at worst exploding, and with the governments on both sides of the Atlantic issuing safety warnings and demanding recalls, some people are still choosing to hop aboard these ride-on death-traps because they’re trendy, innit.

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Hovervault is a fire-resistant bag that contains any heat from within, especially from the faulty battery of a smouldering Segway. The bag is designed to carry the Hoverboard and also protect your possessions should it go bang while charging which has been reported in a number of concerning situations in the UK, USA and Australia among others which have caused damage to homes as well as personal injury.

Even though it’s a great money-making gimmick the Hovervault website is actually worth a read, even if you don’t intend to buy a bag. The makers are very clear in their FAQ about why the product exists and offers an honest explanation what buyers can expect from the Hovervault. The FAQ page is also very well informed about the Hoverboards that can be affected by shoddy batteries and offers useful tips on how to prevent a Hoverboard fire and lessen risk of injury.

Hovervault is available now for $49.95, which is a 10% saving for pre-order customers.

*Unfortunately the Hovervault won’t prevent you from spectacularly wiping out like Mike Tyson did over the festive period!