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HTC to Get Friendly With Facebook for New Social Savvy Smartphone?

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HTC looks to follow up on its likable line-up of social smartphones the ChaCha and Salsa by re-adding Facebook to its friends list for a new mobile gadget. So suggests speculation that a new customized smartphone from Taiwanese handset maker HTC will deliver functionality fit for friendly communication and boast a “platform exclusive to Facebook”.

Last year's HTC ChaCha "Facebook Phone"

Since this is purely speculation with no confirmation from the official source, no ideas have been given away on what the mobile will look like. But it’s believed it will carry latest Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich and appear much like the two previous models which were launched between early to mid-2011. Both the HTC Salsa and ChaCha featured easy app access for the social savvy with the HTC ChaCha even benefitting from an integrated physical keyboard, similar to the one used on BlackBerry devices for use with the popular BBM messaging service.

Last year’s social smartphones from HTC were lower-range numbers powered by lesser spec processors around the 800MHz mark – appealing typical to a youth market. The social web has changed in just a short time, with more “serious” users benefitting from Facebook as a legitimate resource for generating interest or presenting professional services – so perhaps this time around the gadget will be aimed at a mid to top end user? We can merely speculate on this one at the moment, but we will keep checking for new notifications on HTC’s new pocket pal.

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