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HTC One (M7) pictured in black ahead of February 19th launch

After appearing earlier in the week in shiny white, the HTC One – or M7, depending on which stories you believe – has now shown up dressed in all black.

The image comes courtesy of Unwired View, the same site that leaked the white version of the phone earlier in the week. As you might expect, the handset looks identical to the white version that leaked earlier in the week.

The black colour of the phone in the render looks more like the grey-ish ‘slate’ colour that Apple uses for its iPhone 5, with a darker gloss black framing that HD display. The HTC One is said to use a 4.7-inch Full HD display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

HTC also looks to be using chromed chamfered edges, again looking very iPhone 5-esque. We have the same two sets of micro-drilled holes for speakers either side of the display, sensors and front-facing camera, along with the HTC logo and just two capacitive buttons below the display – back and home.

HTC’s new Sense 5 user interface is again shown on the homescreen, with a selection of widgets filling the homescreen in tile formats. It seems very much as though HTC is looking to replicate the updateable, customisable homescreen tiles from Windows Phone 8 with its new Android devices.

It’s very difficult to say from the image whether the phone’s body will be crafted from metal or polycarbonate plastic, although looking at HTC’s history we’d be inclined to say polycarbonate. Metal would be awesome though, don’t you think?

HTC will hold a media event on February 19th to reveal something new, and we’re expecting it to be the HTC One.