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HTC One M8 Eye with 13-MP Camera Snapped in China

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HTC has slipped out a new variant of the HTC One M8 in China which replaces the 4-Ultrapixel camera with a standard 13-megapixel shooter.

Possibly addressing the fact that quite a few potential buyers still aren’t convinced about this Ultrapixel technology that the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has been harking on about since the original HTC One (or not even sure what it is) HTC will be releasing the HTC One M8 Eye for the Asian markets only (for now).

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But don’t think HTC is having a change of heart over its support of Ultrapixel tech – it’s simply offering an alternative and there are benefits to using both pixel/sensor types.

Ultrapixel cameras feature larger pixels which grab more light and when translated into electronic data this means greater definition in the images. Megapixel cameras collect more tiny compact pixels for great detail but less light per pixel meaning high quality images, with less light definition.

On the surface the HTC One M8 Eye smartphone will look the same as its predecessor which was launched in March. Complete with that stylish metallic finish, 5-inch 1080p display with a tight bezel offering maximum touch surface, Android 4.4 KitKat as OS of choice, 2.4GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and options of 16GB and 32GB internal storage. 4G / LTE connectivity will also be available and the handset looks to be on offer in range of colours.

The only major changes will be the camera switcheroo from 4-Ultrapixel to 13-megapixel (same sensor as the HTC Butterfly 2) and also the addition of the HTC Eye Experience software to compliment the said changes. HTC Eye Experience was previously spoken of with the rumour of the HTC Desire Eye. Similar to the HTC One M8 Eye, this is the same Desire with different choice of camera tech.

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The HTC One M8 Eye is now listed on the manufacturer’s Chinese website with no release information for the western markets. We’ll keep an eye out.