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HTC October the 8th Event to reveal new One M8?

HTC will be taking to the stage on tomorrow to reveal something new to the world, but thanks to a cryptic tweet and with an animated gif of two phone moving, stating that on the October the 8th event in New York, we should “Just focus on the date.”

Now we have no idea what this means, but the Gif/video shows off what looks like the back of a HTC One handsets, and more importantly a HTC One M8, the 2014 version of its flagship android smartphones.

Thanks to previous invites, we already know that the theme of event will be Double Exposure, and teaming this with the fact HTC has asked attendees to submit selfies with their RSVPs, all things are looking at a camera focused reveal.

So this could mean a revamped HTC One M8 flagship handset with a bigger/better smartphone camera? Or It could still be the long suggested HTC One Max 2014 phablet update, or it could mean something completely different!

Rumours are flying about fro everything at the moment, and with HTC having a successful year, anything could be possible form the Taiwanese firm.

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However, the most likely announcement will be for a new and improved HTC One M8 as we previously said. Other leaks have pointed to a HTV one M8 that comes with 13-megapixel camera on its backside rather than a 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera, the Duo Camera feature and might be called the HTC One M8 Eye.

No matter what, its not long now until we know just what HTC are cooking up in their labs, but we think that the company needs to be wary of not making the same Mistake that Samsung has made by watering down their Handsets with too many versions of their core products.