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HTC Plans to Launch 8 New Smartphones within Next 3 Months

Taiwanese smartphone giant HTC are preparing to launch between 6 and 8 brand new smartphones within the third quarter of 2011 – that’s between July and September.

CEO of HTC, Peter Chou, indicated that his company are ready to release as many as 8 new smartphones on both Android and Windows Phone 7 operating systems over the next 3 months. Chou didn’t specify anything about the planned handsets, but we already have a pretty good idea on some of them.

The information comes after HTC reported a bumper second quarter, boasting an incredible 12.11 million smartphones sold since April 2011. Compare that to the same period last year and HTC have improved sales by 25%.

HTC aren’t about to stop dominating the smartphone world either – with their 6-8 forecasted new devices they plan to push sales up to 13.5 million units over the next quarter.

Peter Chou stated that HTC would not be aiming at the entry level smartphone market in the next quarter, claiming boldly that they are prepared to pepper the middle-to-high end sector with 6-8 new smartphones.

What handsets could HTC have up their sleeves for us? We hear you ask. Well, we’ve already met a handful of them and things are looking promising for HTC fans. It looks as though HTC are looking to really push their Windows Phone 7 range over the next 3 months, as we’ve already seen 3 new models floating around online.

Meet the HTC Prime and HTC Ignite here – two Windows Phone devices which appeared on the Dutch Carphone Warehouse website recently.

We’ve also heard a fair bit about the HTC Omega, a full touchscreen candybar smartphone which is rumoured to become the first Windows Phone Mango smartphone from HTC.

Last but not least is one for the ladies; the HTC Bliss, a smartphone aimed directly at the female demographic – one with style and class. Read more about it here.

Which of HTC’s new smartphones are you most excited about? Let us know via our Official Twitter Page or of course, the comments section below.

Source: Cens