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HTC Rhyme’s charming LED Accessory revealed

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HTC has unveiled its new female-aimed Rhyme smartphone and we brought you a glimpse under the hood in the Gadget Helpline’s article yesterday. Today we’ve got a video and some details to share, revealing some of those charming accessories which come along for the handbag handset formerly known as HTC Bliss.

Coming in at a respectable 1GHz of processing potential, this little lady-pleaser will come in a selection of 3 feminine tones, and packed with accessories including docking station, colour matched Bluetooth headset and car speaker as well as sports armband – pretty standard add-ons. The unique one is the HTC Rhyme Charm which we saw in a previous form in early leaked photos when the mobile was still codenamed Bliss.

The cube-like LED Charm plugs into the headphone port of the HTC Rhyme handset. The cable is long enough to dangle the charm from a bag while the phone is inside and it will flash brightly when its lady-owner gets a call or text. It’s a pretty resilient and convenient little gadget that can also be used to pull the phone from the clutter of any lady’s purse.

You’d be mistaken for thinking the change of name from HTC Bliss to HTC Rhyme would have something to do with the recent integration of “Beats by Dre” audio tech into HTC smartphones – but alas that’s not the case. But the Rhyme does come along with a set of ‘standard’ headphones, for listening to Adele or someone while doing lady things.

The HTC Rhyme is scheduled to hit handbags from October 8th, firstly through O2 in the UK.

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