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HTC teases 19.2.13 ‘M7’ launch with SLR lenses

HTC’s big media event is tomorrow but that hasn’t stopped the Taiwanese company from teasing what could be in store for fans and media alike. Several ’19.2.13’ teaser images have been released through HTC’s Twitter account with a distinct theme of camera and audio.

The latest teaser shows a Canon lens surrounded by lens filters and covers. HTC has put the numbers 19, 2 and 13 in its trademark green font around the outside of the lens, pointing towards the media events it will hold on Tuesday in New York and London.

HTC has dropped brick-sized hints at improved camera technology in its next smartphone before, back when it launched an infographic displaying the history of photography. Nokia’s 41-megapixel 808 PureView phone was mocked and a new sound and camera experience was promised.

So what does the image mean? Well, as much as we hope that HTC’s new smartphone will be able to take interchangeable add-on lenses, we very much doubt that’s going to be the case. The company is again hyping up the camera in its new smartphone, expected to be called the HTC One, which is said to use a new and exciting method of ‘stacking’ multiple image sensors to create an ‘Ultrapixel’ camera.

The company has also teased something to do with speakers and audio quality through its Twitter account, posting a rather Rock Band-style graphic displaying a live gig, two large live music speakers and the date 19.2.13.

HTC already has its partnership with Beats Audio to provide enhanced audio in its smartphones, so what could be next for sound quality on the go? We’re betting HTC and Beats have created some sort of amplifier for smartphones that will enhance the quality and volume of sound both through headphones and an external speaker.

We’ll find out for certain tomorrow, and Gadget Helpline will be at HTC’s event to bring you the latest as it happens.