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iFixit launch Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Installation Kit

Do you have the new 2011 Mac Mini? Did you know you can fix an additional hard drive? No? Well, in a recent teardown by the folk over at iFixit they have discovered that it is indeed possible.

After mentioning the additional space available within the new Mac Mini, iFixit started to receive a vast amount of requests from users requesting instructions on how to add the additional drive to the Mini. Well, not only have iFixit issued instructions on how to complete the task, they’ve also released a dedicated Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Installation Kit in order to make the process as simple as possible for Mac Mini owners, who would like to take advantage of the additional space inside the mini, to add more storage space for media instead.

The new installation kit created by iFixit will allow you to add various drives although there are specific drives mentioned, like the Seagate Hybrid 500GB SATA drive which also includes a 4GB SSD integrated into the drive if you’re after performance, or iFixit suggest using two 750GB Seagate drives totally 1.5TB if masses of storage is what you’re after.

The kit contains the following for $70 (around £42):

  • Proprietary SATA hard drive cable
  • Shock-absorbing mounting grommets
  • Mounting screws
  • Mac Mini Logic Board Removal Tool
  • 26-Piece Bit Driver Kit
  • Spudger

So even after purchasing the kit along with the additional hard drive, it should still work out cheaper than buying the server version of the Mac Mini which has two 500GB drives and is an extra $400 (around £245) more expensive than the standard Mac Mini.

Do you have the latest Mac Mini? Is this something you would be prepared to try? Let us know by leaving your comments below, or tweet us @Gadget_Helpline.