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Intel Acquires Movidius – A View to Bringing Sight to Machines

Now that the internet of things is slowly morphing into the awareness of things, Intel have played their cards, landing squarely in the ‘computer vision hardware’ territory.

Intel have announced today they have are in plans for the acquisition of Movidius.

Movidius’ mission statement was to give the power of sight to machines, and, now that Intel plan on taking over the reins they have stated they will be remaining on this mission. Thanks to Intel’s backing, they can still continue along this path but with the added technology and resources of Intel to innovate faster and execute at sale.

Movidius specialise in AI and computer vision processors, and, Intel being Intel would like to get in on the action. This purchase enables them to get high-speed, low-power chips that can drive RealSense cameras integrated into devices that have to see and understand the world around them.

Movidius has already proven itself in the Drone territory, not to mention thermal cameras. As well as this, Movidius already has deals in place with Lenovo and Google which can only be an added bonus for Intel.

Since the CPU drop-off (Moore’s law) this enables Intel to focus on other areas and possibly allow them to become the main seller for chips required in specific fields such as Smart tech and Robotics.

When the computers can actually see and understand the world around them this will enable them to be autonomous. Couple this fact with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence and we could be living in a very different world within a couple of years time if, of course, things continue to develop exponentially.

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