San Francisco Apple Fans Invited to Star in Steve Jobs Biopic

With filming of the Steve Jobs biopic finally underway Apple fans are being invited to appear in the movie when director Danny Boyle and actor Michael Fassbender arrive in San Francisco this Sunday (March 29).

Opportunities to star alongside (or in the background) with Fassbender as the world renowned entrepreneur Steve Jobs are now on offer at with not only the chance to appear in a major motion picture and sure-fire Oscar candidate but successful applicants will also enjoy the perks of minor stardom including a set pass, free food and free parking. There’s also a chance to win Apple prizes and TVs – but your star on the Hollywood walk of fame is not guaranteed.

The Steve Jobs film is set in the San Francisco and Cupertino, California area where he set up the Apple headquarters with co-founder Steve Wozniak (played by Seth Rogan) and where the company celebrated a number of its most famous tech launches up to the recent Apple Watch – the first completely new product since the passing of Jobs in October 2011.

Taking reference from Walter Isaacson’s book Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography the film will be released by Universal Pictures on October 9th 2015 and according to the press release it will follow the backstage story at three of those product launches between 1984 and 1998.

Crowd scenes were recently filmed at the Flint Center which is just a stone’s throw from the Apple campus and the launch site of the very first Macintosh computer and Universal is giving locals, and those willing to travel for their fandom, another chance to get in on the lights, cameras and action.