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Internet Explorers: – The Ultimate Race Resource!

Welcome to the Gadget Helpline’s Internet Explorers!

Each week we’ll be indulging our natural talent for browsing the internet to bring you this new regular feature which is here to help you get over that weekly hump and introduce you to some of the wacky and wonderful sites of the World Wide Web!

This action-packed edition is geared towards runners, cyclists and obstacle course junkies and is a website called – an incredibly valuable online resource which helps you locate all sorts of races up and down the UK that you can take part in and punish yourself with! claims to be the largest collection of ‘finish line events’ and the site certainly does provide a stacked database of organised running, cycling, swimming and OCR races as well as hiking events and even duathlons and triathlons for those who like a bit of all sorts!

The homepage is easy to navigate and offers clear links to the main features that include the primary function of the site which is the Find Challenges section where you can search for events by various criteria such as type of race, distance from a location or postcode and the date. When you find an event to your liking you can click the link to the official organisers own website to register and add it to My Challenges (previously My Journey). This will give you an overview of races you’re interested in or have signed up to giving a daily countdown till you next event.

The next section is a recent addition and allows you to Find Athletes – this providing a way to search for other registered friends by using their name, or searching via your Facebook contacts. This allows you to see your mate’s profiles and join them in their races and challenges.

My Profile will show your bio, photo and race registered to the rest of the community as well as displaying your event reviews and who you’re following and suggestions as to who to follow on the website, which has a very Twitter-ish vibe to it.

The final of the four main sections is the Blog which is where fellow athletes can add stories about their challenges, goals and the events they’re taken part in. This is a great addition because you can read some really inspirational and motivational tales that should encourage you off your arse and challenge yourself – and, as the name suggests, that’s the whole point of the website really!

As a runner and OCR dabbler myself, I stumbled across while looking for new events to sign up to. As the site was in its infancy when I first found it I was able to communicate with the hosts who are very friendly to email with and are always responsive to good ideas (such as the social and friends element). This personable approach adds to the appeal of because as OCR racers and runners know it’s all about community and team spirit when you’re out in the field. This is beautifully reflected with this website.