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The New iOS 8 To Feature an Enhanced Music Experience

The entire music experience on Apple devices is about to get a whole lot better with the launch of iOS 8. It has been reported that the software update will focus on Apples music player and improving its performance and features.

If reports from Mac Otakara are correct, iOS 8 will add high-definition playback for audio on the Apple devices.  It is also mentioned in the report a new Lightning connector and newly designed ear buds to take advantage of the improved audio performance. It seems to be no coincidence how Apple recently acquired Beats if this news is to be correct.

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Apple iTunes will also add high-fidelity music tracks to download in order to take advantage of this new high-definition feature on the OS. This feature hasn’t been added before because the current software simply isn’t capable of playing at such a high quality.

iOS 8 is also set to include a feature that will allow users to run multiple apps on the same screen, like a split screen mode. This will make it much easier to perform multiple tasks at the same time and to better prepare presentations or just cross reference articles. This information came courtesy of 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman.

This split screen feature is said to be predominantly designed for the larger iPad’s, so it isn’t clear as yet whether or not it can be expected to feature on the smaller iPad mini or other Apple devices. It has also been reported that apps will gain the ability to communicate data to each other making it easier to transfer information between them.

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Apple is said to debut iOS 8 at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2014 on June 2. As well as the new high-definition playback feature, iOS 8 is said to offer enhancements to Siri, Maps and iCloud as well as the support for the iWatch features and HealthBook app for monitoring health and fitness.