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Unbelievable iPad 3 (iPad HD) Features Demonstrated in Magical Promo Video!

The iPad 3.. sorry, that’s iPad HD is set to be officially announced by Apple in just a few day’s time and the gadget has now already been sighted out and about – but not quite like in this amusing little feature video which stars German illusionist Simon Pierro, who shows us a few interesting and perhaps unbelievable features behind the new tablet.

Pierro appears on the video and shows off the next thicker and heavier HD Apple tablet first to show off its “free helium app”. As a balloon inflates on the iPad’s screen the gadget takes off from the magicians hands floating in mid-air before he tethers it with the battery charger cable. Fascinating, but a highly unfeasible feature, we’d think! The balloon pops and the iPad drops only to be caught by a furry black ape paw, demonstrating that this tablet is well protected and it’s ultra-high resolution retina display remains scratch free thanks to the latest gorilla glass – of course.

The illusionist then moves onto demonstrating the fantastic zoom feature which lets us get closer than ever to our favourite photo memories using simply finger gestures on the touchscreen and share them via the iCloud with family and friends – but not quite in the same way as Pierro shares them as he touches the screen of his iPad and flicks the photo of a puppy into a real-life photo frame.

Simon also chats to Siri – the voice assistant software introduced with the Apple iPhone 4S, asking the weather and pulling a cloud away from his forecasted rainy day. Siri then suggests it’s now a good day for a visit to the beer garden. Pierro sticks a tap onto his tablet screen and precedes to poor himself a stein and makes the female voice of Siri into a real-life female companion!

We don’t think you need to be a member of the Magic Circle to work out which of Pierro’s tricks are the actual new features to the iPad 3/HD and which are purely fantasy – But it’s a charming and fun little clip amidst all the serious rumour-mongering of recent months – and with just a few days till Wednesday and the tablet’s eventual launch!

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