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New Apple iPad (iPad 3) Owners Experiencing Overheating Problem

This season’s hottest gadget is no doubt going to be the recently released third generation Apple iPad, simply known as iPad. But we never believed that this would be taken so literally – as reports and forum posts have surface over the past few days suggesting a number of new tablets have been overheating!

Some lucky owners who managed to grab the precious iPad are now finding the gadget a little too hot to handle and despite no signs of serious damage or injury it’s still a little concerning. The iPad 3 (for sake of giving it a numeric name) costs up to and above £600 in its full-fat 64GB model and it’s battery capacity has been increased to deal with the pressure of daily strain on the improved A5X processor and sharp HD retina display but from what we’re reading it seems the overheating is always based in the lower left corner of the tablet which gets excessively hot making it uncomfortable to hold onto and giving a warning that the iPad shuts down prematurely suggesting it needs to “cool down”. The new iPad is said to cost 30% more to make than last year’s iPad 2, but clearly something has been overlooked from the budget here.

Initial stocks of iPad sold out online in a matter of hours on the Apple Store in the U.K and U.S and had the eager Apple faithful queuing for days to get their hands on the new gadget on March 16th. Many of these reports of overheating are U.S based, so we’re unsure if this is a widespread occurrence, but if any of our readers are experiencing the same problem please let us know on our comments below or via our @Gadget_Helpline Twitter page or Official Facebook group.