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iPhone 7 Back Cover Appears in Leaked Photo

Another iPhone 7 leak has surfaced today, this one possibly giving off a very good look at the back casing of Apple’s next gen model.

The photo seems to show a ‘dummy’ version of the iPhone 7 shell in a metallic-look silver finish and just like the CAD drawing which appeared earlier, goes to show then same form factor as the previous iPhone 6S – minus those antenna bands which were usually found across the top at the back of the handset and that were rumoured to be relocated to the top and bottom edges in this year’s full upgrade. This is visible in this supposed iPhone 7 photo which does suggest an air of legitimacy to this latest leak – but could quite easily be modified with some basic Photoshop training.

Not to sound too cynical but the image did surface anonymously, not from one of the usual reliable sources who like to take credit for such leaks. So a pinch of salt as always is recommended for this one.

On the more promising side, the layout of this iPhone 7 back cover does correspond with the production drawing from this morning, in both form and location of the camera tech.

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This would certainly make a nice looking back plate for the iPhone 7 if it comes up fact. We’ve lined it up alongside the iPhone 6S for comparison.