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Iron Maiden Headphones Announced at CES

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Veteran metal band Iron Maiden has unleashed it’s very own heavy metal headphones at the Consumer Electronics Show.


The band was represented in Las Vegas by mascot Eddie the Head who towered over the CES rocking the Maiden Audio by Onkyo headphones while the suits in attendance posed and threw up the horns awkwardly.

Little to no technical details are known about the Maiden Audio headphones which are due to have a full release in early Spring but they will join a long line of must-have fan memorabilia which includes the records, T-shirts, skateboards and toys – and even the band’s own branded ale – all of which include the familiar logo and iconography sported by ‘The Irons’ throughout their lengthy career.

As for the manufacturer of the Maiden Audio headphones, for those who don’t know (and we didn’t) Onkyo is a Japanese-based consumer electronics company specialising in high-end audio and home cinema and that has a logo that bears a notable resemblance to Sony.

However, unlike the country’s leading tech brand, and despite being founded in 1946, Onkyo is yet to make a similar impact in overseas markets. Pairing up with one of the world’s most renowned touring bands with 35 years of globe-trotting under its leather trouser holding-up belt (much of it piloted by the bands own frontman Bruce Dickinson) could prove a lucrative and name-making deal for Onkyo. We’re talking about them now, right?

It’s not the first time a music artist or band have partnered up with a tech co. to produce ear gear and most famously the former N.W.A rapper Dr. Dre co-founded Beats by Dre in 2008. Whereas Beats were all about that bass, there was nothing out there to capture shredding riffs and power vocals preferred by fans of rock and metal until Motorhead released the simply named Motorheadphones range last year.

With Beats by Dre currently being pursued by Monster over its switch in allegiances to HTC could heavy metal headsets take centre stage in 2015?