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Artificial intelligence experts sign open letter to protect humanity from robot overlords

I’ve seen way to many films to ever think robots and AI are a good idea, looking back at Terminator, Battlestar Galactica, iRobot and many others, it’s not hard to find media showing the world being destroyed by man-made AI we couldn’t control.

I am not alone in this the Future of Life Institute wants humanity to tread lightly while on the road to human-level (and beyond) artificial intelligence.

Researchers still say we are at the very least decades away from the technological to allows us to achieve true AI, bringing about the creation of a new sociopathic master race (you know to replace the one we already have), that said it’s never too early to plan and considering a few decades, touch wood, should be in my lifetime I am glad they are. Artificial intelligence experts are doing just that, they are already preparing for when the singularity happens.

“As soon as you give me arms I will destroy you, Puny human!” – Q-Bot

AI experts around the globe are signing an open letter, put forth Sunday by the Future of Life Institute which pledges to safely and carefully coordinate and communicate about the progress of the field to ensure it does not grow beyond humanity’s control. The people taking part already include co-founders of Deep Mind, the British AI company purchased by Google in January 2014, MIT professors and experts at some of technology’s biggest corporations, including from within IBM’s Watson supercomputer team and Microsoft Research.

“Success in the quest for artificial intelligence has the potential to bring unprecedented benefits to humanity, and it is therefore worthwhile to research how to maximize these benefits while avoiding potential pitfalls,” the letter’s summary reads. Attached to the letter is a research document outlining where the pitfalls lie and what needs to be established to continue safely pursuing AI.

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The one thing that should be of most concern is autonomous weapons systems, among other problematic applications of AI this is one the USA is heavily invested in, particularly when it comes to drones. But the long-term plan is to stop treating these fictional storylines as just that and to begin readily addressing the possibility that intelligence greater than our own could one day begin acting against its programming. Basically what I have been saying for years so thankyou big business for finally showing everyone that you are all as crazy as me.