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Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Sold on eBay for $91,000

You might remember the ultra-cool Iron Man limited edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which we wrote about several weeks ago.

Well, the device went on sale with only 1,000 available in China with a local retail value equating to $1,079 (around £690 GBP) and quickly (and inevitably) the smartphone made it’s way onto reseller websites including eBay with a massive mark-up. This didn’t deter some from bidding on the super-heroic smartphones and one person has reportedly spent $91,000 to get hold of one.

Absolutely crazy, and a clear sign some people have far too much money to throw around. We’re hoping to hear how Mr Stark is enjoying his new phone very soon!

[Originally Published 26th May, 2015]
Samsung and Marvel have once again united their forces and will be releasing a very special edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge based on the popular Avengers superhero Iron Man.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition will feature a stylish metallic red finish with gold detailing around the sides and the camera lens with the tech-clad alter-ego of genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark adorning the back of the handset also in gold.

It comes in a special presentation pack featuring the same uniformed colours and the Galaxy S6 Edge is protected by sturdy inner box which is stamped with an embossed Iron Man helmet in the same design as on the back of the device.

This uber-geeky but ultra-cool version of the Galaxy S6 Edge will come with all the same technical innards as the original release including 2.1 GHz octa-core CPU, 3GB RAM, 16-mega-pixel main camera and LTE/4G connectivity – as well as coming running the latest version of Android (5.0.2 Lollipop) and is free from any tampering by Ultron but sadly lacking the helpful services of Jarvis.

It does seem, however, that Stark Industries may have had a hand in more than just the appearance of the smartphone and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge comes with Iron Man theme installed with lock screen and home screen featuring the character and the app icons and onscreen buttons presented in gold.

Our favourite extra has got to be the wireless charger which has been made to resemble the ARC reactor – Iron Man’s source of power when in battle or just showing off, which is exactly what we think owners of the coolest Samsung to date will be doing with theirs.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition has only been announced for release in South Korea and China on May 27th and we hope they’ll be flying west in the near future.

Source: Samsung