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Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Announced

Microsoft has unleashed the brand new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller. Arriving this October with an arsenal of add-ons and customisation features it’s designed to enhance and personalise the gaming experience on Xbox One and Windows PC like nothing else available. And as you’d imagine from claims like that, it comes at a cost.

The first thing you notice about the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a high quality look. The size and shape are pretty comparable but the black finish, grey details, stainless steel thumb-sticks and the non-slip rubberized diamond grips look luxurious. The pad carries a base weight of 348g which is only slightly more than the standard edition but will increase a little depending on the various accessories you choose to play with.

Microsoft’s official description of the new controller boasts a somewhat spiritual experience when it promises to “unlock your full potential” and it can be adapted to your style of play with a selection of switchable thumb-sticks, triggers and personalizable buttons.

The accessories include a set of 4 paddles which can be affixed under the controller at the side of the grips to use as triggers, a set of 6 thumb-sticks – 2 standard, 2 tall and 2 domed, as well as 2 sets of D-pads – standard and faceted.  All parts are interchangeable and offer the comfort and strategic solutions for any number of gaming tasks across a multitude of gaming genres – from precision targeting in a first person shooter to mastering bends while in a high speed chase and more.

Every button on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller can be programmed with functions assigned specifically to a player’s personal preferences using a software app for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC with potential to save two custom profiles.

The package is complete with USB cable, batteries and a sturdy carrying case, which seats all the individual pieces. Because you’re going to want to keep this premium pad protected when not in use and never lose the important bits.

No, this one isn’t for your casual gamer – this is for the pros and pricing up at $149.99 it won’t be to everyone’s budget either. Costing around half the price of the actual Xbox One 500GB console the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a true beast and we don’t think we’ve seen this many bells and whistles on a control pad since the Sega Mega Drive Arcade Power Stick II.

For the full and official low-down on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller check out the dedicated product page now on