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Apple iTV Prepares to Launch in 2013 – Over 50% of Americans Already Own Apple Gadgets

Reports today are suggesting that we should expect Apple’s first attempt at putting an iTV set onto the market to see fruition next year, as opposed to this year as previously believed – which would make it one of the company’s focal points of 2013.

As with all future Apple gadget releases, the iTV is also surrounded by much rumour and speculation and the flat-screen TV concept based around the little black box currently available and Apple has partnered with Sharp to provide the Super AMOLED display for the set. This will separate Apple from its dependency on compatible hardware from other manufacturers and we the consumer will be able to cut out the fuss of having to find a set that’s compatible with the Apple TV digital receiver that’s already on sale. It’ll all be there, in one set.

Research groups in Asia think the telly device will not be in tune for this a release this year – a year when we’re also expecting an iPhone 5 and which has already seen a new iPad surface. That’s a lot of Apple. And it’s suggested by these groups that the California-based company will concentrate its efforts on the iTV in 2013 which would be most beneficial for a promotional push without saturating the market.

Hopefully this won’t upset the Apple mad Americans too much, since it’s also been reported that a whopping 50% or more of U.S households own an Apple device. These range from Mac home computers to MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and iPods. Apple’s worldly appeal is ever growing and company CEO Tim Cook is currently on visit to China as we speak to meet with future Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and discuss the company’s future plans with the country.

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