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Pay For Fuel From The Drivers Seat With Jaguar

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Jaguar has partnered with Shell to bring you fueling with less hassle, walking across the forecourt will no longer be a thing when paying for your fuel.  How is this going to be possible? Easy, all you need do is buy one of Jaguars new models; a snip from at least $40,000, the Shell app and either Paypal or Apple Pay.

For this amazing feat of technology to happen, all you need do is connect your iphone to the Infotainment systems USB connection inside the car. Once this is done everything is taken care of via the in-car touchscreen. Jaguar claim this system is different to other payment technologies because it uses geolocation alongside Paypal and Apple Pay for authorising transactions.

This service will be in operation from the 15Th Feb in the UK and more availability will be implemented throughout the year ahead.

Bear in mind this is just fuel being added to the app. If deals are made then this could spread to drive-throughs, parking services etc. This is a good thing as paying for your fuel is great but you still have to leave the car to fuel up your tank, not to mention you may fancy coffee and a snack!

So all you have to do if you have a Jag and like to buy Shell fuel is install the app in the car. Once this is done just drive to the pump, fill up after selecting how much fuel you require and drive away after hitting pay.
That’s pay via Paypal or Apple Pay don’t forget! Android Pay to be added later in 2017.