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Only In Japan! Rocky III USB gadgets get a desktop workout!

Yo, Adrian! – This week’s “Only in Japan” is a real Knockout!! From the far eastern corner of the internet, via Mick’s Gym, Phildelphia – come these completely pointless but mesmerizingly cool “Rocky III” USB gadgets.

Featuring characters from the 1982 classic boxing movie – who do nothing more than exercise repeatedly on your desktop. That’s right. These aren’t even functioning storage devices. Just like their on-screen counterparts these mini contenders enjoy nothing more than a good workout!

Simply plug your choice of Rocky Balboa himself, Apollo Creed or Clubber Lang into your laptop’s port (via the USB – suggestively located in the figures crotch area!) and watch him doing sit-ups. Maybe fire up some “Eye of The Tiger” as accompanying theme music to really recapture the magic? Or perhaps not..

Random, bizarre, but pretty damn cool! Weighing in at ¥2,850 (roughly £22 British) from Geek Stuff 4 U – We pity the fool who doesn’t invest in a desktop Mr.T!

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Source: Geek Stuff 4 U