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Launch Date for iPhone 6 Revealed

As we near ever closer to the much anticipated iPhone 6 release, it’s inevitable that an actual launch date will rear its head eventually. And now it has! Well, a suspected launch date anyway…

It’s predicted that Apple will announce the iPhone 6 on September 16th with at least one of the two size variations becoming available in stores a near enough a month later on the 14th October, according to MacRumors.

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The unnamed source mentioned 14th October as being an “immense” day for Apple and that it is expected to be a very busy month for stores and Apple as a company. Apple have two events planned for the Autumn, with their September event covering the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 and their October conference covering the iWatch, OSX Yosemite and new iPad and Mac hardware.

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Making a change from their usual launch days falling on a Friday, Apple are now seemingly planning the launch of the iPhone 6 on a Tuesday; predominantly in an effort to maximise sales for that week to accommodate the increase in production.

There is no mention of which of the size variants will become available in October, or even if both will. However, if previous speculations are anything to go by, it seems more likely that the 4.7inch model will be on the market sooner, due to the previous manufacturing constraints with the thinner battery on the 5.5 inch model. This could potentially bump the larger model into becoming available by early next year.