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Leaked Nokia Lumia Phone May Have Best Camera Yet

An as yet unnamed Windows 8.1 Nokia Lumia device has recently surfaced on Weibo, AKA Chinese Twitter.

These spy shots clearly detail the device’s rear, including a much less obtrusive camera than the earlier Lumia 1020, which was praised for its amazing 41MP camera. Although the phone isn’t a current, up to date model, it still holds the title of best camera phone around.

The phone could either be a replacement for the Lumia 820 smartphone, as mid-range models tend to appear following high-end ones (the Lumia 930 has only just arrived), possibly being dubbed the Lumia 830. Medium level Lumia smartphones are ever-popular, with the Lumia 520, a much older model, still being a firm favourite.

It may however, be a heinous fake designed to bring publicity to whichever blogger posted it. It can unfortunately happen but some features of the leaked device seem genuine, such as the aluminium outer scaffolding, the general shape of the device, and that camera.

However, rumor also has it that this upcoming phone will trump the 41MP camera of the 1020, and may even include onboard Canon processing technology. This, even when combined with the less powerful but still great 20MP camera found on the new Lumia 930, could result in even better image quality at a lower megapixel rate.

This speculation comes from the recent announcement that Microsoft and Canon are to cross-license a number of their patents, meaning that the two companies will collaborate on future endeavours. We could see Windows software appearing on Canon cameras as well as image processing software arriving on future Lumia phones.

Additionally, Microsoft may want to take note from Sony, who have already included detachable lenses for some of their camera products. This could mean Lumia smartphones may in future be able to have detachable lenses to complement these high-end Canon cameras.

It’s all up in the air at the moment, but any future updates on Windows Phone 8.1, Lumia and the new Windows/Canon partnership will be posted as soon as they arrive. And remember, Windows Phone 8.1 is just around the corner, so get your Lumia handset ready for that major update!

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