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Leaked parts show iPad 5 to be much thinner than 4th gen model

We’re a ravenous lot, tech journalists and Apple fans alike. When the two come together, even the smallest scrap of information becomes rather important.

So too is this latest look at the upcoming fifth generation iPad. Courtesy of Apple specialists 9to5mac, we have our first look at what looks to be the rear panels for both a full size fifth generation iPad and a second generation iPad Mini.

Both sizes have a similar look, with the new thin industrial design of the iPad Mini making the leap to the larger iPad form factor. It’s a great look, with Apple’s characteristic smooth lines and gently rounded corners.

The dramatically thin industrial design that was first used for the case of the iPhone 5 and then the iPad Mini looks like it’ll be just as compelling on a full size iPad. The thin design – apparently not much thicker than the iPad Mini – is impressive given the massive battery that was found in the latest generation full-size iPad.

As expected, the fifth generation iPad will be offered with optional LTE – as can be seen by the plastic section at the top of the image where the cellular radio typically lies.

According to the latest rumours we won’t see a new iPad for some time, until around October. This is quite a long time after the March date that was originally knocked about, but would fit nicely into the traditional iPad release schedule.

The fact that Apple has released a 128 GB version of their iPad 4 today could be significant – it shows that they don’t have anything else to release in the near future, which in turn gives credence to the October launch date theory.

What do you think about the new look of the tablet?