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Leaked Photo Adds To iPhone 4S Rumours

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Yesterday we reported that the next iPhone could indeed be a iPhone 4S – and not the full bells and whistles revolutionary iPhone 5 – well we’ve got more evidence of this theory today.

A photo leaked today from a Chinese blog has prompted yet more speculation that Apple is indeed planning to launch a iPhone 4S – possibly to capture the pre-paid market whilst still releasing a iPhone 5.

The new image reports to show a logic board with an arm-based A5 processor in place, which is the same chip expected to be found in the new iPhone 5.

As well as the next chip you can see that the phone is also sporting a new battery and interestingly appears to show little or know cosmetic changes from the iPhone 4.

If proved genuine it’s quite a revelation: would Apple seriously consider putting a new chip in budget version of its smartphone? Or are we looking at the iPhone 5 that again treads the same pattern of small incremental changes rather than massive revolutions?

Also prompting some debate are the specs of the battery in the shot. It appears to be the same model as seen in previous photos published by MacRumors – but instead of the earlier battery’s 3.7V and 5.3Whr rating, which would yield a charge capacity of around 1430mAh.

The newer picture indicates a voltage of 4.2V. For comparison, the current iPhone 4 battery is rated 3.7V and 5.25Whr, offering 1420mAh of charge.

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