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Motorola 7-inch Xoom tablet leaked?

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Is this Motorola’s next tablet? Despite shifting a few unitsin the States, the original Motorola Xoom Android tablet has failed to capture the UK’s heart as a true iPad killer. just as well, then, that Moto looks to have something new up its sleeve.

This spy shot from ThisIsMyNext shows what appears to be a 7-inch Motorola tablet runnign on Android. The tab is apparently a lot thinner than the original Xoom, but that’s just about all the info we have, save for the fact that it’s endowed with Micro USB and an HDMI ports.

When, or indeed if, this tab will make it to market is anyone’s guess, but Moto has confirmed that it’ll be launching a new tablet at some point ‘later this year’, so it could well be this smaller tab. What do you think? Is this Motorola’s masterpiece? Let us know on the Gadget Helpline Twitter feed.