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Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary Symphony – London date announced!

Following the Epic orchestral performance in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of seminal adventure game The Legend of Zelda at the E3 Conference in June, Nintendo are taking the show on the road! And it’s coming to London for one of only two shows on October 25th.

On February 21st 1986 we were first introduced to Link, a pint-sized hero in the green who through a series of perilous quests and puzzle-solving across the Hyrule Kingdom would best the evil Ganondorf, grab the elusive Triforce and rescue the Princess Zelda, from whom the game is entitled. These are characters who have stood the test of time, 25 years infact – and are leading the charge for Nintendo in the new decade with Ocarina of Time proving its timeless popularity with a recent leap onto portable 3DS and future titles for Wii and next-gen Wii U consoles in the works.

As iconic as the characters themselves is the music. Moving and masterful, the “Music of Legends” has always been a key element in setting the fantastical tone of the gaming experience and the clasic themes have been over with gamers of a certain age for many years. Presenting these timeless numbers through the medium of a full orchestra can only be shear magic!

With only one US stop, and only one prestigious European performance planned,  this was today announced as the Hammersmith Apollo in London on October 25th – Tickets to go one sale for the single date on Monday 8th August.

The introduction of a Legend of Zelda title on Nintendo 3DS has given the handheld a much needed push, with nostalgics jumping onboard to enjoy the classic Ocarina of Time game. The ad campaign is fronted by Hollywood funnyman Robin Williams. Read about these promos and watch one for yourself in our article – here.
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