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Lego Life – Social Media For Kids

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Kids want to get in on the social media fun but who knows what they will find, say concerned parents. Worry no more. Lego Group have just launched a social media network with kids in mind and it is available on both Android and iOS. (links at the bottom)

The network/app is called Lego Life and is dedicated to everything Lego, designed specifically for kids of 13 years and under. Kids will be able to share photos of their creations from home and others will be able to comment on them using custom Lego emoji.

All content on the site will be closely monitored and handled in a safe, private way. No children using the service will be asked for any of their details, location or photos. All users on the app will be assigned a random name generated from three words. The users will be able to edit their own personal Lego avatar. Comments on the site will be monitored and checked before each post also.

The Lego Life network will have organised hubs depending on which Legoset is your favorite e.g. Master Builders Hub, Batman, Star Wars etc.

The Master Hub will be for more advanced users of Lego where creative challenges can be set, children will be delighted when their favorite Lego character comments on their own creation.

Both videos and photos can be uploaded as long as there are no people in them; just Lego. Users will be able to follow their favorite creators just as on any other social site and be sent regular updates whenever the user uploads or comments.

Lego Life is currently available to download free on itunes and Googleplay and is downloadable in most EU countries. Once downloaded, all you need do is create a Lego ID. This ID will be different from your username in Lego Life. The current model is due to expand across 2017 and 2018. 

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