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LEGO puts fun into USB flash drives!

The ultimate USB flash drive for us big kids has been unveiled in the form of a fully movable and buildable LEGO man!

Just like the childhood favourite, the little fellow comes apart at the head (which is attached to a keyring) and at the hands, but pull the body from the legs and you will find a hidden 2GB storage stick.

Sadly at the moment there is only one model available in the style of a classic LEGO figure, which is still pretty cool, but with a range of movie licenses such as Star Wars, Batman and Pirates of the Caribbean now linked with the popular toy makers, we can only imagine much cooler variants could be in store if these take off so it may be worth holding onto your money til then. It’s got to happen!

Speaking of the cost, to get your own LEGO Minifigure USB Flash Drive you will be expected to detach from $25, somewhat pricey for 2GB, but the presentation will obviously be the selling factor. Just don’t let your kids pick it up and lose it!